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According To Pat Robertson, Porn Causes Demonic Possession (Video)

Crazy Christian Pat Robertson claimed that pornography is a step on the road towards demonic possession.

ABC’s “What Would You Do?” Attacks Atheists

ABC's famous hidden camera show about various scenarios took a fictitious turn in an attempt to demonize atheists.

Church Fights School Board In Battle Of Los Angeles

A megachurch and secular group are engaged in a major lawsuit about the existence of the separation of church and state in a Los Angeles school district.

Man Rips Off Confederate Flag During Heavy Traffic (VIDEO)

A young man took action after seeing a racist truck driver proudly display the Confederate Flag.

Republican Candidates Received Donations From White Supremacist Hate Group

A story published in The Guardian revealed that almost every major Republican presidential candidate received donations from a white supremacist hate group.


Poll Reveals 35 Percent Of Republicans Are Racists

A recent poll conducted by Reuters reveals why Republican candidates remain silent on race issues; a good chunk of their base is ignorant.

Read The Boston Bomber’s Surprising Response To Death Sentencing

Despite being faced with the death penalty and words of the victims' families, Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev responded with this shockingly sad response.

Social Media

How Social Media Fucked ISIS

ISIS's utilization of social media has ultimately proved harmful to them.


“Christian Values” Duggar Family Opens Up About Molestations

Speaking to Megyn Kelly, the Duggar family opened up about their disgusting knowledge of their son's horrifying actions.

You Won’t Believe What Pope Francis Said About Climate Change

Pope Francis continues to expand the progressive nature of the Catholic Church with this statement on climate change.