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Trump Unintentionally Insults Bush Administration

While promoting his immigration ideas, Trump unintentionally insulted the Bush Administration by stating he would have prevented 9/11.


What I Learned At The Center For Islam

During a trip to the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, one of our writers learned about Islamic values, and their demonization by Fox News.

Op-Ed: When We React With Fear, Terrorism Win

Terrorism is about spreading fear. When we react with blind fear, fear which causes us to take rash decisions, the terrorists not only win, but their organizations grow....

Muslim Scholar Explains Roots Of Islamic Terrorism On Daily Show

Muslim scholar Dalia Mogahed explained the roots of Islamic terrorism while on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

War on Terror

You Have No Idea Just How Bad The War On Terror Has Failed

A decade after President Bush declared the War on Terror, the Middle East is now in far worse shape, and Al-Qaeda is stronger than it ever was.