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PBS Endorses A $15 Minimum Wage

The Public Broadcasting Service has published an article arguing in favor of a $15 minimum wage, and why society shouldn't be scared of it.

Millennials Organizing: The Intersectional Justice Movement

Continuing off the MillionStudentMarch, millennials have organized behind several grassroots movements campaigning for political justice.

In Response To Neil Cavuto’s Degradation Of The Million Student March

Conservatives went crazy over Neil Cavuto's supposed degradation of Million Student March leader Keely Mullen. They couldn't be anymore wrong about him.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Is Set To End Homelessness

Thanks to some major initiatives from Mayor Garcetti, Los Angeles is set to end homelessness in it by the end of the decade.

Five Reasons Why The AFSCME And SEIU Should Have Endorsed Sanders Over Clinton

The major trade union AFSCME recently gave its endorsement to Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Here're five reasons why we believe it to be a mistake.

Why You Should Join The #MillionStudentMarch: Wage Stagnation

Since the end of the 1970s, we have not made any wage gains, despite a huge boost in productivity, resulting in an increase in income inequality.

The Fight For Minimum Wage Catches Fire

All across the country, numerous states are raising the minimum wage despite conservative backlash.