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The Three News Sources We Trust Most

In a world where the mainstream media and 24 hour news corps have taken over the airwaves, we have found three sources of news information that we trust.

That Time Michael Moore Battled Sean Hannity Over Capitalism

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore took on Fox News host Sean Hannity over the failures of capitalism in the United States.

That Time Jon Stewart Exposed Sean Hannity’s Hypocrisy

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart took over Colbert's Late Show to speak out against the Sean Hannity's hypocrisy regarding Donald Trump.

Fox News Host Criticizes DNC’s Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson openly criticized the DNC's availability of gender neutral bathrooms, calling them "disgusting".

Image from al.com

Police, Black Lives Matter, And Healing

Some thoughts on how the US can begin to heal following the attacks on black men and police officers alike; partisanship must be abandoned for now.


What I Learned At The Center For Islam

During a trip to the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, one of our writers learned about Islamic values, and their demonization by Fox News.

That Time Jon Stewart Exposed Fox News’s BS To Chris Wallace

Comedian and former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart went on Chris Wallace's program to debate the merits of Fox News. Stewart ended up exposing the network.

Remember When The Owner Of Fox News Supported Hillary?

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch once openly voiced support for Hillary Clinton in 2006.

Sean Hannity Suggests Ignoring The Geneva Conventions

Fox News personality Sean Hannity suggested that the U.S. ignore the Geneva Accords during an interview with Rand Paul.

Shep Smith Breaks With Conservatives On Syrian Refugee Crisis

In a small speech on his show, Fox News reporter Shep Smith broke with conservative rhetoric to welcome the Syrian refugees, as is the American way.