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What I Learned At The Center For Islam

During a trip to the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, one of our writers learned about Islamic values, and their demonization by Fox News.

Guns And US Culture

How the US's unique infatuation with individuality and the military informs their adamant defense of ownership of guns, despite the growing mass shootings.

2 Reasons Piers Morgan is Unnecessary

By now, you’ve probably heard of the controversy surrounding Piers Morgan and his allegedly racist comments drawing a comparison between the late superstar,...

Three Quick Ways Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Nomination Is Not Historic

With many national headlines cheering about how Hillary Clinton's presidential nomination is historic, we thought we'd take a look at three ways it isn't.

Stop Using Religious Doctrine To Appropriate My Tax Dollars

Last week, a House floor vote was held in regard to a spending bill introduced by New York Democrat Sean Maloney. The legislation, which would have protected LGBT...

Flippity-Flop: The Media Isn’t Working Hard Enough

Marco, Marco, Marco. I’m shaking my head as I write this piece, and for good reason too. The reason I shake my head in disappointment is because Rubio has now sunk...

What It’s Like To Attend An Anti-Trump Protest

San Diego City Attorney candidate Bryan Pease was arrested during a non-violent, anti-Trump protest in the area.

George Clooney, Shut Up About Trump (Op-Ed)

Actor/director George Clooney asserted that Donald Trump cannot be elected. He couldn't be farther from the truth.

Op-Ed: The Panama Papers Expose A Moral Problem In America

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer is not a new saying. But what about the poor get poorer and pay more taxes, and the rich get richer and pay a fraction of the...

Op-Ed: You Can’t Support Democracy Spring and Support Hillary

If you care about Democracy, you understand the need for eliminating legal bribery and financial influence, overturning Citizens United and giving the power back to the...