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Yet Another Conservative Writer Bails On Trump

Conservative writer and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan has written an article in the Wall Street Journal criticizing Trump.

Don Lemon’s Heated Debate With A Republican Over Trump’s Comments

CNN host Don Lemon got into an argument with former Secret Service agent and Republican politician Dan Bongino over Trump's ambiguous 2nd Amendment comment.

Maryland Launches Surprisingly Smart Anti-Heroin Initiative

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has launched a $3 million that will target the heroin epidemic in the state through increased drug busting and treatments.

President Obama Writes Essay Supporting Feminism

President Obama has penned an essay for Glamour Magazine, discussing his support for feminism and identification as a feminist

Crazy Conservatives Blame Clinton For Racist Writer’s Suicide

Conservative conspiracy theorists are blaming Hillary Clinton for the death of nutjob and racist writer Victor Thorn, who committed suicide recently.

Trump Campaigner Claims Obama Is A Muslim

Co-chairman of the New York Trump Campaign Carl Paladino brought back the old claim that President Obama is secretly a Muslim.

Iran Is The First Country To Ban Pokemon GO

The Iranian Government has officially banned the popular mobile game Pokemon GO!, citing security concerns as its reasoning.

David Duke Asserts That Trump Isn’t Racist

Former Ku Klux Klan leader and current Trump supporter David Duke asserted that the Republican candidate is not a racist.

NFL Player Claims Planned Parenthood Exterminates Blacks

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson claimed in an interview that Planned Parenthood was created to exterminate blacks among other absurd things.

Obama Goes To The UN To Ban Nuclear Testing

After being blocked by the Republican Congress, President Obama has decided to go through the United Nations Security Council to ban nuclear testing.