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Fox News Host Criticizes DNC’s Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson openly criticized the DNC's availability of gender neutral bathrooms, calling them "disgusting".

Navy Ship To Be Named After Famous Gay Rights Activist

An upcoming United States Navy ship will be named after famous gay rights activist and navy lieutenant Harvey Milk, who was assassinated at the age of 48.

After Orlando: Republican Hypocrisy And The LGBTQA Community

The Republican Party continues to treat the LGBTQA community with disrespect, exploiting the Orlando nightclub deaths to push their right-wing agenda.

Glenn Greenwald Attacks Conservatives For Exploiting Orlando Shooting

Intercept reporter and journalist Glenn Greenwald penned a piece criticizing conservative politicians for exploiting the Orlando shooting.

Transphobic Hysteria: How It’s Affecting Both Trans and Cis Women Alike

Transphobic legislation and attitudes propagated by the Republican Party have resulted in verbal and physical abuse across the country.

Kentucky Governor Bevin Attacks Obama For Transgender Rights

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin attacked the White House for pushing the liberal agenda of civil rights for the transgender community.

Caitlyn Jenner Is Not In The Army, And That’s Okay

Caitlyn Jenner reminds us and her critics that courage is a universal trait.

Google Supports Trans People With This Hauntingly Beautiful Video

Google released a new video showcasing their support for the transgender community.

These 45 Scumbag Republican Senators Want Gay Youths Bullied To Suicide

45 Republican Senators shot down a bill that would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender. Find out who they were.

Dick Cheney Is More Progressive Than Jeb Bush And Ted Cruz On This Issue

The GOP continues to prove its ineptness through statements released by Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz that reveal how they're behind even Dick Cheney on this issue.