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Malala Yousafzai Gives Powerful Speech In Honor Of Slain MP

Peace activist Malala Yousafzai gave a powerful speech in honor of British MP Jo Cox, who was assassinated by Far Right terrorists in the country.

Why The 2016 Summer Olympics In Brazil Are Going To Bust

The 2016 Summer Olympics will face a lot of obstacles courtesy of increased crime rates, government corruption, and the Zika virus.

France Passes Law Banning Supermarket Food Waste

The French Senate passed a law that will force supermarkets to donate their food waste to charities.

The French Far Right’s Politicization Of The Paris Attacks

The French equivalent of the Republican Party is wasting no time politicizing the Parisian attacks, demonizing any foreigners as terrorist threats.

Why We Should Call ISIS Daesh Instead

ISIS is an outdated misnomer that doesn't get at the heart of the issue like Daesh does.

Netanyahu Retracts Claim About Palestinians Causing The Holocaust

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu retracted his previous claims about Palestinian leaders being responsible for the Holocaust.

Obama Successfully Reaches Nuclear Deal With Iran

President Obama and the UN successfully reached a deal with Iran ending their nuclear program, but what will the long-term consequences be?

The Immigration Crisis You Probably Don’t Know About

The Dominican Republic's new immigration policies will churn anyone's stomach.

Social Media

How Social Media Fucked ISIS

ISIS's utilization of social media has ultimately proved harmful to them.

War on Terror

You Have No Idea Just How Bad The War On Terror Has Failed

A decade after President Bush declared the War on Terror, the Middle East is now in far worse shape, and Al-Qaeda is stronger than it ever was.