Category: Immigration

Trump Unintentionally Insults Bush Administration

While promoting his immigration ideas, Trump unintentionally insulted the Bush Administration by stating he would have prevented 9/11.

ACLU Sues Indiana Governor Over Refugee Crisis

The ACLU issued a lawsuit against Indiana Governor Mike Pence over his unconstitutional actions against the Syrian refugees.

How The Syrian Refugees Mimic Holocaust Victims

In the 1940s, German Jewish refugees fleeing from Hitler were barred from entering the U.S. We face a similar situation with the Syrian refugees.

This Map Shows The 26 Republican Governors Opposed To The Syrian Refugees

26 Republican governors have revealed their strong opposition to admitting the Syrian refugees. Where is the liberal counter-resistance?

Sanders Speaks To Latinos At Vegas About His Immigration Policies

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowed about his strong support for immigration reform in this country.

That Time Gavin Newsom Explained Sanctuary Cities And Blasted GOP Fearmongering

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom explained the purpose of sanctuary cities, while rejecting Republican criticism as "GOP fear mongering"