Category: Health

Maryland Launches Surprisingly Smart Anti-Heroin Initiative

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has launched a $3 million that will target the heroin epidemic in the state through increased drug busting and treatments.

NFL Player Claims Planned Parenthood Exterminates Blacks

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson claimed in an interview that Planned Parenthood was created to exterminate blacks among other absurd things.

Trump Will Overturn Roe v. Wade If Elected

Trump's vice president pick, Mike Pence, revealed that the two will work to overturn Roe v. Wade if successfully elected to the Oval Office.

American Medical Association Lobbies For Gun Violence Research

The American Medical Association has officially announced its plans to lobby Congress for research into the gun violence in the United States.

Moronic Kentucky Governor Will Fight Obamacare

New Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin revealed plans to fight Obamacare implementation in his state.

Jennifer Lawrence Lends Strong Support For Planned Parenthood

The A-list celebrity explained how the nonprofit health organization Planned Parenthood helped her during a difficult time.

This Horror Happens When You Ban Abortion Clinics

With Republicans consistently shutting down abortion clinics, millions of women in this country are forced into this horrifying situation.

The New Roe v. Wade: Fighting For Women

The Supreme Court will officially rule on Texas's strict (unconstitutional) abortion laws towards women and clinics.

Hypocrisy And Lies: Meet Kentucky’s New Governor

Kentucky has elected its new governor who's running on the platform of removing Obamacare. Little does he know he'll be ruining the lives 521,000 people.

Bill Maher Explains Why Republicans Should Worship Martin Shkreli Over Jesus

Real Time host Bill Maher revealed why Republicans actually worship sociopaths like Martin Shkreli over Jesus Christ.