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What Meat Eaters Should Know On Earth Day

Agriculture as a whole has changed more in the past 100 years than the past 1000. With the development of fossil fuels, factory farming, and genetically modified...

Bernie Sanders Rightfully Criticizes The Paris Climate Agreement

Senator Bernie Sanders criticized the Paris Climate Agreement for not going far enough, and a little research proves him more than right.

Google’s Mountain Of The Butterflies Logo Explained

Google's new doodle sheds light on a beautiful nature reserve: the Mountain of the Butterflies.

TransCanada Is Suing Obama For Rejecting The Keystone Pipeline

The oil corporation is not giving up the fight for the Keystone XL.

These Pictures Of Nature Will Bring You At Peace

Take a load of stress off your mind with these beautiful pictures of the world's nature flora and fauna.


Politifact Destroys Santorum’s Bogus Climate Change Claims

Analyzing the climate change claims Rick Santorum made on Real Time, Politifact found both to be utterly false.

That Time Neil DeGrasse Tyson Schooled Bob Lutz On Global Warming

Former automobile executive Bob Lutz tried to debate Neil DeGrasse Tyson on global warming. Needless to say, he was quickly humiliated.

#PeoplesClimate: Marching For Climate Change Action

Last week, thousands of environmental activists demonstrated across the country their support for immediate climate change action. Let's stand with them!

29 Years After The Chernobyl Disaster, This Beautiful Thing Is Finally Happening

Nearly three decades after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, we're finally starting to see some recovery in this once beautiful area.


We’ve Got Yet Another Climate Change Problem

New information in climate change science reveals another greenhouse gas in the air that could cause an environmental catastrophe.