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The Internet Is Making Fun Of Trump In Two Ways

Internet users have taken over two marketing policies of Trump and turned them into humorous memes worth checking out for a good laugh.

Darrell Issa’s Popularity Is Down Among Californians

Corrupt Republican representative Darrell Issa has lost a significant amount of support for this year's congressional elections.

Bernie Sanders Is Not A Traitor, He’s A Pragmatic Rockefeller

Some Bernie Sanders supporters have called the man a traitor for supporting Hillary Clinton. We call him the Democratic Party's Rockefeller.

Marine Destroys Trump’s Optimism Over Receiving Purple Heart

A former US Marine and purple heart recipient posted a video criticizing Trump for his optimism over receiving a purple heart.

Clinton Gains Three More Big Endorsements

Hillary Clinton has gained three more big endorsements for her presidential run, including two Republicans that feel betrayed by Trump.

A Realistic Election Map Of A Trump Victory

An election prediction site has put out a map depicting a realistic situation in which Trump wins enough electoral votes to become president.

Yet Another Billionaire Thinks Trump Is A Fool, Supports Clinton

Billionaire hedge fund manager Seth Klarman spoke to Reuters, calling Donald Trump unacceptable and voicing his support for Hillary Clinton.

Politifact Compares The DNC And RNC Fact Checks

The fact-checking site Politifact compiled a top ten list of their best fact checks from the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

There Is A Good Chance Trump Will Avoid The Presidential Debates

Based on available evidence, we have a very good reason to believe Donald Trump will try and avoid the presidential debates with Hillary Clinton.

Ezra Klein Brilliant Explains Why The 2016 RNC Was Absurd

Blogger and writer Ezra Klein brilliantly explains why the 2016 RNC was absurd by political standards, and why we should be worried for the GOP's future.