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In Response To Neil Cavuto’s Degradation Of The Million Student March

Conservatives went crazy over Neil Cavuto's supposed degradation of Million Student March leader Keely Mullen. They couldn't be anymore wrong about him.

This Map Shows Where Creationism Is Still Taught In America

A map created by Slate showcases the scary situation of several southern states; they're continued teaching of creationism.

10 Reasons For-Profit Schools Are Horrible Scams (Part 1)

Every year, millions of millennials are scammed by for-profit universities trying to make a large living. Check out these ten reasons to avoid them.

I’m a Math Teacher—Here’s What I Think About Common Core

There’s a lot of vitriol against Common Core from both ends of the political spectrum. Some criticisms are valid, and others less so. Some on the left argue that the...

Elie Wiesel

What You Can Learn From Nobel Peace Prize Winner Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust and went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize- here's a bit of wisdom you can learn from him.

Tea Party

This Tea Party “Hero” Proves Conservatives Are Idiots

If you didn't think the Tea Party could get dumber, you won't believe who they hypocritically worship as a hero.

student debt

Study Reveals The Horrifying Reality Of Student Debt

Student debt has always been a major concern, but a study conducted by Indiana University reveals the horrifying details of it.


You Won’t Believe What Louisiana’s Latest Budget Cuts

Outrage has erupted in Louisiana over the state government's latest budget proposal.