Category: Organized Labor

SEIU Endorses Former Walmart Board Member For President

It was grave news when we had to report that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) had refused to endorse Bernie Sanders for...

Here Is A Look Into The UCF March Against Student Debt

ORLANDO, Fla. — Student activist groups at the University of Central Florida are organizing a march to bring awareness to student loan debt, one of many planned...

Why You Should Join the #MillionStudentMarch: Adjunct Employment

An honest analysis of the many welfare and adjunct employment programs in this country.

Five Reasons Why The AFSCME And SEIU Should Have Endorsed Sanders Over Clinton

The major trade union AFSCME recently gave its endorsement to Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Here're five reasons why we believe it to be a mistake.

Greenpeace Workers Strike Amid Claims of Exploitation

Workers at two California Greenpeace offices have gone on strike amid concerns over an unjust quota system that creates a zero-sum, high pressure environment which puts...

The Fight For Minimum Wage Catches Fire

All across the country, numerous states are raising the minimum wage despite conservative backlash.

Scott Walker And the GOP’s Destructive Economic Strategy

Scott Walker and the rest of the Republican Party are out to get the poor, and the resulting class warfare will destroy the American economy.