Category: Economy

PBS Endorses A $15 Minimum Wage

The Public Broadcasting Service has published an article arguing in favor of a $15 minimum wage, and why society shouldn't be scared of it.

Stephen Hawking Suggests Wealth Inequality Led To BREXIT Decision

Famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking penned a piece for The Guardian, suggesting wealth inequality contributed to the BREXIT decision.

Why Young Americans Should Care About Income Inequality

You hear a lot about income inequality these days. Income inequality is an issue that negatively affects most teens in America, and it is a concern that has been with us...

Economic Experts Support Bernie Sanders Policies

Senator Bernie Sanders's economic policies have received the endorsement of over 100 professional economists, giving his grassroots campaign more power.

SEIU Endorses Former Walmart Board Member For President

It was grave news when we had to report that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) had refused to endorse Bernie Sanders for...

In Response To Neil Cavuto’s Degradation Of The Million Student March

Conservatives went crazy over Neil Cavuto's supposed degradation of Million Student March leader Keely Mullen. They couldn't be anymore wrong about him.

Here Is A Look Into The UCF March Against Student Debt

ORLANDO, Fla. — Student activist groups at the University of Central Florida are organizing a march to bring awareness to student loan debt, one of many planned...

Why You Should Join the #MillionStudentMarch: Adjunct Employment

An honest analysis of the many welfare and adjunct employment programs in this country.


Even The Wall Street Journal Admits Red States Take More From The Government

In a surprising turn of events, the Wall Street Journal confirmed a fact that red states take more from the government than blue states.

Why You Should Join The #MillionStudentMarch: Cost Of Living

The million student march will be tackling the cost of living, which has soared tremendously over the years while wages remain stagnant.