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Twitter Hashtag Reveals Jobs Celebrities Had

The Twitter hashtag #firstsevenjobs has lead to a large amount of celebrities revealing the first jobs they surprisingly held before achieving fame.

That Time Mary Matalin And Jennifer Granholm Clashed Over Women In Politics

Republican strategist Mary Matalin and former Democratic governor Jennifer Granhom clashed over the role of women in politics during Overtime.

Rick Santorum Fumbles To Defend Trump

While on Real Time with Bill Maher, Rick Santorum fumbled when it came to providing rational support for Donald Trump's campaign.

The Strange Political Case Of Clint Eastwood

Famous actor and director Clint Eastwood has endorsed Donald Trump for the 2016 presidency, despite Trump representing everything Eastwood is against.

Bill Maher Debates Julian Assange Over DNC Leaks, Snowden

Comedian Bill Maher debated WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over the effects of the DNC leaks and Edward Snowden's response to them.

That Time Bill Maher Defended Calling Americans “Stupid”

In the aftermath of the GruberGate scandals, Bill Maher defended Gruber's comments, asserting that Americans were severely misinformed.

Conservatives Attacked Bradley Cooper For Attending The DNC

Actor Bradley Cooper, known for his portrayal of American sniper Chris Kyle, revealed he was criticized by conservatives for attending the DNC.

That Time Michael Moore Battled Sean Hannity Over Capitalism

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore took on Fox News host Sean Hannity over the failures of capitalism in the United States.

That Time Jon Stewart Exposed Sean Hannity’s Hypocrisy

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart took over Colbert's Late Show to speak out against the Sean Hannity's hypocrisy regarding Donald Trump.

That Time Bill Maher Explained Racial Tensions In America

Real Time host Bill Maher sat down with Chris Matthews to discuss how the Dallas cop shooting tied into racial problems in America.