Tyler Rhodes
Tyler Rhodes

Marketing guru aspirant, political writer, and failed musician.

Rubio Will Not Save The GOP From Trump Or Carson

With fringe Republicans supporting Trump and Carson, even the GOP's more moderate candidate Marco Rubio will not be able to save them.

Obama: “Prayer Is Not Enough” For Massacre Victims; GOP Refuses To Act

Despite another horrible massacre, the GOP refuses to fight the inherent gun culture it's created in this country.

Marco Rubio’s Ignorant Tweets On Lions And Planned Parenthood

Republican loon Marco Rubio tried to gain a lead in the polls by disgustingly attacking animal sympathizers and Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump’s Comments Reveal Startling Facts About Conservative Attitudes

Donald Trump's continued popularity with conservatives reveals a sad truth about the Republican Party.

Jon Stewart Perfectly Predicts #Trumpfail

Comedian Jon Stewart exposed and destroyed Trump's campaign in hilarious fashion.

How Trump’s Racism Sunk His Campaign In The First Week

Billionaire Donald Trump opened up his 2016 campaign with a racist tirade against immigrants.

Why We Shouldn’t Laugh At Trump

Donald Trump has been skewered by celebrities and talk-show hosts alike, but they all fail to realize the bigger picture here; money talks.

You Won’t Believe What Pope Francis Said About Climate Change

Pope Francis continues to expand the progressive nature of the Catholic Church with this statement on climate change.

U.K. Elections Reveal This Startling Fact About Political Polls

David Cameron's recent reelection in Britain has revealed this startling fact about the use of polls in politics.