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Ringo Starr’s Idiotic Reason For Supporting BREXIT

In an interview, former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr revealed his poor reasoning for supporting the controversial BREXIT decision

Clinton Gains Three More Big Endorsements

Hillary Clinton has gained three more big endorsements for her presidential run, including two Republicans that feel betrayed by Trump.

David Duke Asserts That Trump Isn’t Racist

Former Ku Klux Klan leader and current Trump supporter David Duke asserted that the Republican candidate is not a racist.

Obama Commutes 214 Non-Violent Drug Convictions

President Obama commuted the sentences of 214 non-violent drug convictions, outdoing the number from past American Presidents.

Washington Post Editor Reveals Why Trump Supporters Ignore Facts

Washington Post associate editor David Ignatius revealed his logical explanations as to why Trump supporters ignore the many lies spouted by him.

That Time Bill Maher Defended Calling Americans “Stupid”

In the aftermath of the GruberGate scandals, Bill Maher defended Gruber's comments, asserting that Americans were severely misinformed.

A Realistic Election Map Of A Trump Victory

An election prediction site has put out a map depicting a realistic situation in which Trump wins enough electoral votes to become president.

Conservatives Attacked Bradley Cooper For Attending The DNC

Actor Bradley Cooper, known for his portrayal of American sniper Chris Kyle, revealed he was criticized by conservatives for attending the DNC.

First Ever Private Company Moon Expedition Set For 2017

The first ever moon expedition by a private company has been approved by the United States Government for a 2017 launch date.

The Three News Sources We Trust Most

In a world where the mainstream media and 24 hour news corps have taken over the airwaves, we have found three sources of news information that we trust.