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The Strange Political Case Of Clint Eastwood

Famous actor and director Clint Eastwood has endorsed Donald Trump for the 2016 presidency, despite Trump representing everything Eastwood is against.

PBS Endorses A $15 Minimum Wage

The Public Broadcasting Service has published an article arguing in favor of a $15 minimum wage, and why society shouldn't be scared of it.

That Time Lawrence O’Donnell Humiliated Steve King

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell humiliated congressman Steve King over his accusations of President Obama being a Muslim, as well as the ignorance of the GOP.

Maryland Launches Surprisingly Smart Anti-Heroin Initiative

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has launched a $3 million that will target the heroin epidemic in the state through increased drug busting and treatments.

President Obama Writes Essay Supporting Feminism

President Obama has penned an essay for Glamour Magazine, discussing his support for feminism and identification as a feminist

Crazy Conservatives Blame Clinton For Racist Writer’s Suicide

Conservative conspiracy theorists are blaming Hillary Clinton for the death of nutjob and racist writer Victor Thorn, who committed suicide recently.

Trump Campaigner Claims Obama Is A Muslim

Co-chairman of the New York Trump Campaign Carl Paladino brought back the old claim that President Obama is secretly a Muslim.

Bill Maher Debates Julian Assange Over DNC Leaks, Snowden

Comedian Bill Maher debated WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over the effects of the DNC leaks and Edward Snowden's response to them.

Trump Unintentionally Insults Bush Administration

While promoting his immigration ideas, Trump unintentionally insulted the Bush Administration by stating he would have prevented 9/11.

Iran Is The First Country To Ban Pokemon GO

The Iranian Government has officially banned the popular mobile game Pokemon GO!, citing security concerns as its reasoning.