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Twitter Hashtag Reveals Jobs Celebrities Had

The Twitter hashtag #firstsevenjobs has lead to a large amount of celebrities revealing the first jobs they surprisingly held before achieving fame.

The Internet Is Making Fun Of Trump In Two Ways

Internet users have taken over two marketing policies of Trump and turned them into humorous memes worth checking out for a good laugh.

That Time Mary Matalin And Jennifer Granholm Clashed Over Women In Politics

Republican strategist Mary Matalin and former Democratic governor Jennifer Granhom clashed over the role of women in politics during Overtime.

Yet Another Conservative Writer Bails On Trump

Conservative writer and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan has written an article in the Wall Street Journal criticizing Trump.

Don Lemon’s Heated Debate With A Republican Over Trump’s Comments

CNN host Don Lemon got into an argument with former Secret Service agent and Republican politician Dan Bongino over Trump's ambiguous 2nd Amendment comment.

Darrell Issa’s Popularity Is Down Among Californians

Corrupt Republican representative Darrell Issa has lost a significant amount of support for this year's congressional elections.

Rick Santorum Fumbles To Defend Trump

While on Real Time with Bill Maher, Rick Santorum fumbled when it came to providing rational support for Donald Trump's campaign.

Bernie Sanders Is Not A Traitor, He’s A Pragmatic Rockefeller

Some Bernie Sanders supporters have called the man a traitor for supporting Hillary Clinton. We call him the Democratic Party's Rockefeller.

That Time Bill Maher Predicted Trump Would Win The GOP Primary

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher predicted in mid-2015 that Trump would win the Republican nomination, much to the dismay of some of his panelists.

Marine Destroys Trump’s Optimism Over Receiving Purple Heart

A former US Marine and purple heart recipient posted a video criticizing Trump for his optimism over receiving a purple heart.