Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia

I am a third year Communications/Broadcast student at California State University, Fullerton. I have always had a passion for journalism and politics. Through high school I had a 3 year internship at the Riverside County Record newspaper where I was the City Hall Reporter for the City of Jurupa Valley. Having been raised in a liberal and politically-active household, I have had an interest in politics and political reporting since I was very young. Some of the political issues I am most passionate about include access to education, women's rights, and civil rights. Between work and school, I devote time to my weekly blog which can be found at

Repeating History: How Muslim Discrimination Echoes Mexican Racism

The calls of the Republican Party to deport Muslims brings back scary memories of the illegal Mexican Repatriation in the 1930s United States.

An Honest Look At Hillary Clinton As President

Despite having a rocky start, Hillary Clinton has shown to be a strong contender for the presidency.

A Case For Gun Control In America

With yet another recent school shooting, America needs to finally reexamine its gun control laws in a bipartisan way.

Let’s Talk About (Safe) Sex

Sex education is significant for a teenage populace.

This Month In Flags

Several events regarding flags occurred this month, from the Confederate Flag being removed in South Carolina to the Cuban flag being raised at the embassy.

An Evening With Bill Clinton

One of our writers had the privilege of listening to and meeting Bill Clinton in person. Read his thoughts on the former president.

The Problem With The Mainstream Media (Op-Ed)

From Donald Trump to Bill O’Reilly, most mainstream media is crippled with false information. How do we find out what the real facts are?