Cristóbal Reyes

Cristóbal Reyes is a staff writer for Young Progressive Voices and a journalism student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Follow him on Twitter @chreyesrios.

It’s Not Over, But Bernie Still Lost

Although the Democratic Primary continues to run its last stretch, it is safe to say that the results are in and that Bernie has lost.

Clinton Didn’t “Clinch” The Nomination, Not That It Matters

The mainstream media is falsely reporting that Clinton has secured the Democratic nomination, even though the upcoming primaries may ultimately prove that.

The Republican Civil War That Never Was

Those of us who were hoping for a split in the Republican Party can officially lock those dreams away for good- the GOP is standing behind Trump.

Stop Laughing At The Republican Civil War

Now is not the time for giggling and snickering at the clown show happening on the Right, no matter how tempting the instability on that side makes it.

The Beginning Of The End of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

It seems as if Hillary Clinton's cynical bravado and petty verbal flailing will be her campaign's undoing.

6 Ways Hillary Clinton Is Not Like My Abuela

¡Basta con esa porquería, Hillary Clinton!

grayson cruz

Alan Grayson’s Birtherism Is Stupid — Here’s Why

Alan Grayson has vowed to file a lawsuit against Cruz should he win the nomination for president because he was born in Canada. Here's why it's a dumb move.

Bernie Sanders Can Lose The Primary — And Not Because Of The Media

Watching the second debate, it seemed clear that Bernie Sanders looked more like an ideologue than an actual contender for the White House.

As The City Of Love Stands Together

The city of Paris may be hit, but its people remain strong and united.

Here Is A Look Into The UCF March Against Student Debt

ORLANDO, Fla. — Student activist groups at the University of Central Florida are organizing a march to bring awareness to student loan debt, one of many planned...