Yet Another Conservative Writer Bails On Trump

As we get closer to the final election day, it seems like more and more conservatives are finally starting to realize just how preposterous of a candidate Trump is. Granted, they should have come to that conclusion a while ago, but considering how long it took some Republicans to realize the lunacy of Sarah Palin, this is a step-up.

Joining those ranks is Peggy Noonan. Some of you may remember Noonan as the speechwriter for conservative icon Ronald Reagan, while most may remember her as the person who tried to slander the Obama Administration as being the most scandalous presidency in US history (a claim that Jon Stewart famously humiliated her for). However, you can allow yourself to regain some respect for her given what she’s done.

Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Noonan has penned an article in which she criticizes Trump for self-destroying both himself and the Republican brand. Citing his lies, lack of knowledge, and various fights with several figures including Megyn Kelly and Khizr Khan, Noonan comes to the conclusion that he is insane:

“Here is a truth of life. When you act as if you’re insane, people are liable to think you’re insane. That’s what happened this week. People started to become convinced he was nuts, a total flake.”

Hopefully more people on the Right-wing side of the spectrum will come to realize that Noonan is right.

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