Twitter Hashtag Reveals Jobs Celebrities Had

Favoritism and nepotism are two psychological patterns that pervade many work environments, from basic blue collar settings to higher white collar practices. It runs from the local McDonald’s to the halls of the US Government, and its presence is hated everywhere.

Hollywood, and the film industry in general, have unfortunately acquired such a reputation, with it being widely known to be hard to break into without successful connections on the inside. Many actors, producers, writers, and directors have been reputed to bring in friends and family onto projects, even if they aren’t as qualified to do that job.

Thus, it’s nice to read the occasional tabloid story that spins a more relatable tale regarding celebrities in the industry. A new hashtag has sprouted up on Twitter called #FirstSevenJobs which asks various famous people to list the first seven jobs they did before, during, and after achieving fame. Many celebrities have started to participate in it, including comedian Stephen Colbert, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and activist Monica Lewinsky. Jobs revealed range from such things as running a lemonade stand to being a dishwasher to being a futon salesman.

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