That Time Bill Maher Predicted Trump Would Win The GOP Primary

In an August 2015 episode of Real Time, comedian Bill Maher had Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and Republican strategists Steve Schmidt and Mary Matalin on to discuss the then ongoing Republican Primary. Maher got to talking about Donald Trump, and how numerous people were dismissing him. Maher commented that these people were naive, relating how Ronald Reagan was also laughed at when he first started considering running for President in the late 60s. And yet, despite his numerous flaws, Reagan ended up becoming a popular politician.

Maher was quickly supported by Schmidt, who said that Trump’s then 25 percent poll numbers were more than enough to ensure his victory. Newsom, on the other hand, argued that Trump’s generic policy statements were going to wear thin among audiences long before the primary was over, and countered that Reagan had more principles compared to Trump. Matalin agreed with Schmidt and Maher, saying that Trump was pandering to a large group of conservatives tired with the ineptitude of the Federal Government.

Check out the video below for a fun retrospect:

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