Marine Destroys Trump’s Optimism Over Receiving Purple Heart

One controversy about Donald Trump that has come to affect even conservatives is his acceptance of a Purple Heart from a veteran at one of his rallies. The Purple Heart is military decoration given to those who have been wounded or killed in a military conflict. Trump being a draft dodger and accepting this sacred gift was terrible in and of itself, but it was his follow-up statement that really drove the nail into the coffin: “I’ve always wanted to get the Purple Heart.”

Many veterans have since come out criticizing Trump’s actions, including congressmen that have served in the military. Though each of their writings has been full of genuine emotion and thoughts reminiscent of their service, one of the most effective ones was published on Facebook by Iraq War veteran Will Fischer. Fischer revealed how he received the Purple Heart in August 2004 during a skirmish which left many of his comrades wounded, with one tragically killed-in-action.

Fischer finished his anecdote with a powerful phrase: nobody who earned one ever wanted it. Absolutely disgusting that Trump would be proud of receiving a Purple Heart through a secondary method.

Check out Fischer’s video below, posted on Facebook.

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