Don Lemon’s Heated Debate With A Republican Over Trump’s Comments

Donald Trump has stirred up yet another controversy. During a recent rally, he went on to talk about Hillary Clinton, and how, if she ends up picking three Supreme Court Justices, there will be nothing anyone can do. When met with subsequent “boos”, Trump commented: “although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

These comments have been interpreted by liberals as either inciting rebellion or encouraging assassination in the event that Clinton wins the election. While Trump and his campaign have clarified that he was talking about his supporters being united, it seems more grey than that.

One of Trump’s bigger supporters, former Secret Service agent and current campaigning Republican politician Dan Bongino, appeared on CNN Tonight to defend Trump’s comments, saying that they were misinterpreted. Taking strong issue with that, host Don Lemon questioned whether or not Bongino was aware of Trump’s specific words, airing the clip. Bongino countered that Trump was simply attempting to propagate a single issue in order to increase voter turnout. Lemon remarked that Trump should’ve been clearer in his words, considering the fact that he was running for leader of the free world.

Lemon continued with a long-winded speech, stating that numerous people, including Reagan Administration member David Gergen, saw the comments as inspiring an undue hatred, and ended by saying Bongino should be ashamed of himself. Bongino retorted that Lemon was treating him like a child, to which Lemon pointed out that Bongino was treating everyone like a child by telling them to interpret Trump’s words exactly as he stated it, and it was here that Bongino turned into a real child. Calling Lemon a “TV guy”, and citing his Secret Service credentials as proof that he had more insight into the matter. Check out what resulted from this below:

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