Darrell Issa’s Popularity Is Down Among Californians

Darrell Issa is a politician that needs no introduction. Having been in the House of Representatives since 2001, Issa has established a reputation of being not only one of the richest politicians in Washington, but also one of the most corrupt. He is a man who has simultaneously embraced the lunacy of the Republican Party and bribes of lobbyists, all while parading around as an honest politician.

Luckily for us, there is hope that he might not win his next election. The Oregon County Register, responsible for tallying up the popularity of Representatives in the area, has found that Issa’s popularity has fallen by a staggering 10.7 percentage points since the election cycle began. While they attribute it to his open support for Donald Trump, it could also stand to reason that perhaps his constituents are finally starting to realize how much of a liar he is when it comes to campaign promises.

His opponent in this year’s congressional elections is Doug Applegate, a former Marine Corps colonel who ran a close election with Issa in 2014, despite being significantly outspent. Applegate holds a large appeal among independent voters, which could be the key towards beating Issa this year.

We wish the colonel the best of luck!

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