Bernie Sanders Is Not A Traitor, He’s A Pragmatic Rockefeller

Since endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, a fair amount of Bernie Sanders’s supporters (referred to as #bernieorbust) have taken to criticizing him, calling him a traitor for giving in to the establishment and not supporting a non-Democratic Party candidate like Libertarian Party Gary Johnson or Green Party Jill Stein, the latter of whom openly called-out Sanders for support.

And yet, if these slacktivists actually took the time to stop being anti-establishment and look at the layout of the political system in this country, they’d realize that Sanders is far from being a traitor. He is a pragmatist who realizes that working outside the system won’t effect change as much as working within it. He is someone that realizes that this massive base of progressive and millennial appeal, combined with the sympathy generated by the DNC leaks, can be used in a much more effective way than supporting a third party candidate with little chance of getting elected to the Oval Office.

As Sanders told Bill Maher, the political revolution is far from over, and with so many young Americans heeding his words and showing an interest in political change, there is a way of fighting the establishment successfully. Like I stated in the other article, Bernie is, in a lot of ways, the Nelson Rockefeller of the Democratic Party. A one-man powerhouse that is pushing them towards embracing the populism and socialism that FDR ran on in the ’30s and ’40s.

Calling Bernie a traitor is an insult. He is working towards actual change. If people want to throw their vote away on Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, that is their right as a participant of the democratic process. But they can’t call themselves a Sanders supporter.

Sanders has written a post himself calling for people to join him in supporting Clinton. Check it out here.

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