PBS Endorses A $15 Minimum Wage

Since 2009, the federal minimum wage has rested at $7.25/h. With the cost-of-living in the United States being far above what you could earn yearly from the minimum wage, a common progressive argument has been for the government to increase the number to a range between $10-$20/h. As you can expect, Republicans, being enslaved to their corporate overlords, have actively fought against this, making it an issue that rests in bureaucratic hell.

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), known for its popular educational programming, has officially published an article that seeks to not only dispel myths surrounding the minimum wage, but also promote it as the right thing to do. Written by economic historian John Komlos, Komlos argues that the cost of labor far outdoes the meager $7.25/h we see many businesses equate it to. With some corporations pulling in record-breaking profits, the idea of paying someone more than the federal minimum wage seems like basic common sense.

Komlos’s article is very much worth reading, but what makes PBS’s decision to publish this all the more invigorating is the fact that they’re a company that appeals to families and children all across the political spectrum. Education is the best tool liberals have towards fighting right-wing ideologies. By embracing the minimum wage, PBS has done the country a massive favor.

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