Iran Is The First Country To Ban Pokemon GO

The Iranian Government has been known for enforcing some of the strictest and most inhuman laws in the history of the modern world. From its limitations on women’s rights to the influences of Sharia Law in the country, Iran is proof that theocracies are unsustainable in today’s world of secular values.

We see yet another example of this nonsense in the form of recent news from the country: Pokemon GO has officially been banned in Iran. For those unaware, Pokemon GO is a free mobile game released that uses augmented-reality (AR) to simulate the presence of real Pokemon in the world. While it has come under its fair share of criticisms, from its inclusion of sacred sites to warnings to military personnel, this is the very first time an entire country has banned it.

The reasoning behind this decision remains unclear at the moment as the government has mumbled about security concerns. While we can see many possible problems related to Pokemon Go, the idea of an entire state’s national security being at risk is ridiculous.

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