Bill Maher Debates Julian Assange Over DNC Leaks, Snowden

On an episode of HBO’s Real Time, comedian Bill Maher interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Cutting right to the chase, Maher took to asking Assange about how he felt with regards to the DNC leaks. To those who don’t know, WikiLeaks published information (possibly acquired by Russian hackers) that revealed various levels of corruption within the Democratic National Committee, namely that there was a plot within the establishment to bring down presidential candidate Bernie Sanders through slanderous tactics. The reveals subsequently prompted minor reforms within the DNC, including the resignation of chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a public apology to Sanders, and the adoption of a more progressive platform.

Assange defended WikiLeaks’s actions, saying that the aforementioned reforms justified the publication of the information. Maher went on to accuse Assange of working with Putin to bring down Hillary Clinton, claiming that this would only help to benefit Trump. Assange countered that Maher was biased due to his financial stake in the Democratic Party (having donated $1 million to an Obama SuperPac in 2012). Maher brushed it off, saying he didn’t plan on giving the Clinton Campaign any large sum of money.

With an applause of laughs, things continued as Assange addressed WikiLeaks’s criticisms by both the public and Edward Snowden, whom he suggested was only criticizing WikiLeaks to earn a pardon from President Obama. Check it out below:

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