Fox News Host Criticizes DNC’s Gender Neutral Bathrooms

In 2015, President Obama made history during his annual State of the Union speech when he became the first sitting president to mention the transgender community as needing to be protected from hate crimes. And it has been during his presidency in which we have seen the Democratic Party actively become strong supporters of the LGBT community.

As a way of promoting their support, the Democratic National Convention made sure to include gender neutral bathrooms at their gathering. What should have been treated as a normal, mundane situation has now come under scrutiny by the Right as Fox News correspondent Tucker Carlson spoke negatively about the situation.

During an episode of Fox & Friends, Carlson spoke on the matter, calling them “disgusting” among a slew of crass dialogue:

“Well just the whole thing was bizarre, starting from the like gender neutral bathrooms, which are disgusting. I mean I guess we’re liberated by this? Everyone should come visit one and see the reality of it. It’s unbelievable. To the totally screwed up security situation outside. To a line of speakers urging Americans to break the law. To no American flags. I mean the whole thing was like an alternate reality.”

We look forward to the day where Republicans aren’t going crazy over the simplest of things.

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