Michelle Bachman Joins Trump’s Campaign

You may remember Michelle Bachmann as the politician from Minnesota who became famous for her numerous conspiracy theories, fallacious attacks on the Obama Administration, creation of the Tea Party Caucus, and hardcore belief in the end times proposed by the Book of Revelation. Indeed, she was responsible for some of the best comedy we got during the election cycles, and it was sad to see her and her compatriot Sarah Palin leave politics.

But fans rejoice! Michelle Bachmann has reentered the political sphere in what can be described as the most appropriate fashion; a member of Donald Trump’s campaign. That’s right, if you thought her break from politics had hampered her lunacy in any shape, you can officially put your thoughts to rest.

Specifically, Bachmann will be a part of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board. As the name suggests, the board will give Trump advise to winning over the Evangelical vote in the country. As many of you may know, the Evangelical vote plays a strong part in the Iowa Caucus, meaning that Trump is preparing for the official presidential electoral cycle to begin.

The board currently has 20 other members in addition to Bachmann. Whether or not they will be able to give him true help is up for debate.

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