What It’s Like To Attend An Anti-Trump Protest


I had the opportunity to watch a little bit of a Trump Protest in San Diego tonight. My phone died before I arrived so I’ll try my best to illustrate the chaos on the ground dear reader.

It was obvious I was approaching an eerily tense atmosphere as police cars and ambulances rushed past. I began to see and hear a different side of the Political Revolution. Ironically, I was meeting Imam of the Islamic Center of Eastlake. We both met in his mosque. I was interested in learning more about Islam, especially after the way the Mainstream Media covers it. I heard an almost identical message in that mosque as I would in a church. A message of peace, love, and hope. The Imam wanted to peacefully protest with his fellow brothers and sisters, some equipped with Free Syria hats.

I began to hear the song, “Fuck Donald Trump,” blasting loudly and proudly blocks away. I saw signs of love towards immigrants, foreign flags, and “Fuck Trump” signs. I also saw unity against someone who they view as an oppressor. It was moving to see people of all wakes of life. Trump’s supporters were largely upper middle class white people, people I’d usually see in my hometown of Folsom, California. It’s almost embarrassing sometimes.

Eventually I was across the street from a multitude of police and police vehicles. Biker gang members raced up on down the street and Trump supporters and Trump protesters exchanged words and hand gestures. You could almost feel the tension in the air.

Riot gear equipped and face masks down, they marched in unison towards the protesters. San Diego City Attorney candidate Bryan Pease refused to budge. He was subsequently tackled and arrested. Heroic, but will he it help his campaign? I personally hope so.

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