Sanders Leads Hillary And Trump In Iowa/New Hampshire Polls

Two of the most important political events in U.S. election season come from two otherwise ill-mentioned states: Iowa and New Hampshire. The former because its caucus makes it the first state to provide quantifiable results for the actual presidential election and the latter because it remains the first major nationwide primary.

As such, polls from there are very vital when it comes to Republican and Democratic presidential primaries, and we have the latest ones here that provide some excellent news! For starters, Donald Trump, for all his unabashed political incorrectness, has failed to topple Sanders’s powerhouse campaign, with the Senator leading him by a margin of 51 percent to 38 percent in Iowa, and 56 percent to 37 percent in New Hampshire.

That’s to be expected as Sanders’s embracement of populism has generated a strong grassroots movement that’s taken to using 21st century technology for maximum results. The real trouble for Sanders is Mrs. Hillary Clinton, who still holds a large contingent of the Democratic fanbase under her wing.

From there, we have both good and bad news. Bad in that Sanders still trails her by 3 points in Iowa (48 to 45 percent), but good in that he has taken the lead in New Hampshire (50 to 46 percent).

Regardless, this is wonderful for the Sanders Campaign! In a week where major figures like Trayvon Martin’s mother and Planned Parenthood have opted to endorse Hillary over Sanders, news like this brings a much needed sense of hope for fans of Bernie Sanders.

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