Remember When The Owner Of Fox News Supported Hillary?

When it comes to business, money always takes priority over politics. Whether you’re looking at an aging politician, aspiring entrepreneur, or sneaky lobbyist, their goals are all the same and truly bring to light some horrible truths about the state of American politics at the time of this writing.

As much as liberals would like to think otherwise, the fact is the Democratic Party, more often than not, falls into this same niche when it comes to reciprocating the demands of Wall Street. This came to visceral light in 2006 when News Corp (the media conglomerate that owns Fox News) founder and Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch expressed support for then New York senator and potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by hosting a fundraiser for her.

Murdoch was reportedly thankful for Hillary’s political work for the people of New York, of which Murdoch moved to in 1974. An undisclosed source reportedly described the relationship to CBS as that of the following:

“They have a respectful and cordial relationship. He has respect for the work she has done on behalf of New York. I wouldn’t say it was illustrative of a close ongoing relationship. It is not like they are dining out together.”

As such, while this is not anywhere near as bad as the love letters exchanged between Trump and Putin, it does showcase how favors can come in many different shapes. A staunchly-conservative businessman like Murdoch opting to support a Democrat indicates that their are strong areas where the two political parties cross.

Addressing these places of interest will be vital to recovering the United States political system from the aftereffects of Citizens United.

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