Bill O’Reilly Said Something Very Liberal

In September of this year, Fox News leading man Bill O’Reilly published the latest entry in his Killing” series called “Killing Reagan“, analyzing the attempted assassination of the 40th President.

It was all going well for O’Reilly until conservative historian George Will openly criticized the book in a column for the Washington Post on November 5th, stating that it was full of factual errors and that O’Reilly never even looked at reliable sources relevant to his novel.

As we all know, O’Reilly isn’t one to take constructive criticism very lightly, so, today he invited George Will onto The O’Reilly Factor to publicly humiliate him, ending the “interview” by calling Will a “hack”.

I don’t respect George Will’s idiotic political beliefs, but it seems clear that he is more qualified when it comes to historical matters than O’Reilly. Regardless, what most media outlets reporting on this incident missed is the strange fact that O’Reilly said something very liberal; that many conservatives unconditionally love Ronald Reagan.

“You’re in with the cabal of Reagan Loyalists who don’t want the truth to be told.”

When Will pressed O’Reilly on why many Reagan supporters were not fans of this book, O’Reilly made a surprisingly astute observation:

“Because they wanted a deification! They wanted a deification. They tried to get the book killed before it was even published. And you play right into their hands.”

It is very true that the Republican Party as a whole seems to have a worship complex when it comes to Reagan (something Bill Maher hilariously pointed out), and that any criticism of the former president is an attack on conservative values. As O’Reilly shows, however, there seems to be a growing divide about that- something that is sure to split Fox News more.

You can check out the argument below:

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