Even The Wall Street Journal Admits Red States Take More From The Government

The Wall Street Journal was always a conservatively-biased business publication long before it was bought by Roger Ailes and News Corp in 2007. However, since then, it has obviously taken on a much more actively, pro-Republican agenda.

As such, it was interesting to find an article published by them in May 2014 that supported a Democratic talking point- that red states take more from the government than blue states. Using studies provided by Wallet Hub and the think tank Tax Foundation, the WSJ’s Jeffrey Sparshott found that states like Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Idaho among others had the highest dependency on the government.

Now, having filed this under the “blog” section of their site, it’s quite obvious that they Wall Street Journal wasn’t keen on reporting this fact to the majority of their readers. However, the fact that they did do it is to be taken as a sign of optimism. The Wall Street Journal may not ever become the more objective publication that Business Insider is, but we can certainly hope for the future!

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