Salman Rushdie Proposes That Trump Is A Manchurian Candidate

In 1962, United Artists released the film “The Manchurian Candidate”, a political thriller that played to the Cold War stereotypes of the time by depicting a right-wing presidential candidate getting brainwashed by communists before his candidacy. The term has since evolved into common day political usage to refer to a candidate who deliberately sabotages their party’s image due to them secretly supporting the opposing party.

Taking this into account, famed British-Indian writer Sir Salman Rushdie proposed on the HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher” a theory he had heard that Republican campaigner Donald Trump is in fact a manchurian candidate, planted by the Democrats to split apart the Republican Party.

While Maher dismissed the theory as nonsensical, and we at YPV don’t support conspiracy theories, it is worth noting that Trump was in fact registered as a Democrat throughout the entire Bush years (2001-2009) and that former president Bill Clinton actually encouraged him to run for president.

This isn’t the first time such an idea has sprouted up. In the wake of Clint Eastwood’s (in)famous empty chair skit at the 2012 Republican National Convention, many liberals proposed that Eastwood had done this on behalf of the Democratic Party. Eastwood would later admit the whole thing was a mistake.

You can watch the video below:

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4 thoughts on “Salman Rushdie Proposes That Trump Is A Manchurian Candidate

  1. Ted

    Manchurian candidate assumes that he is intentionally sabotaging the republican party from within. Donald Trump is no Manchurian candidate…. he really does represent the republican party and all their insane social policies.

    1. Red Stewart Post author

      I think Bill Maher put it best when he said Trump is the Frankenstein’s Monster created by the Tea Party.

  2. A. Hick

    Actually, consider the exact plot of “The Manchurian Candidate” The candidate was not the soldier son who was brainwashed to kill the presidential nominee. It was the vice presidential nominee who was an idiot and who was controlled, rather traditionally without any fancy brainwashing, by his very consciously domineering and secretly Communist wife.

    So if Trump, who is is clearly a self absorbed narcissist, was talked into running by Bill Clinton, it would not be necessary that he be intentionally working under the Clintons’ direction for him to be a Manchurian Candidate. All that would be necessary is that the Clinton’s wanted him to run knowing that his idiocy would work to their advantage, and that they had a part in persuading him to run.

    I don’t think even Trump, or certainly the Clintons, thought he would have the success that he has had. At best, I think the Clintons might have thought he might bloody up JEB! Bush enough that he would make him even more vulnerable than he otherwise would be as Hillary’s opponent.

    The quick implosion of JEB! and the stunning success of Donald Trump illustrates how the Republican base is actively rejecting neoconservatism and coupon clipping economic elitism. They know they have been royally conned in the past, and I am not sure it is so much a case of them unwittingly exchanging one con for another as it is them voting for Trump just to show their contempt for the party politicians.

    Either way, Hillary probably wins in November, but she cannot just sleepwalk through a campaign with Trump. Even if Trump thought his candidacy was a joke or a protest action at the outset, you can bet he is full in now, and his narcissism is telling him he can win, and he has proven to be quite resourceful and savvy as a postmodern political demagogue. The Gods have spoken to The Donald, and even if they are laughing, he probably doesn’t care.

  3. ABhatia

    It is perhaps the most confusing and controversial presidential Election in the history of USA.

    Its most unfortunate that, this presidential election is being fought projecting the weaknesses of the presidential candidates,rather than their strengths.

    What message the presidential candidates are giving to Voters of US and the world, is highly questionable.

    It appears that, the justice has not been done in conducting 3 presidential debates where in, most of the time was consumed by the presidential candidates in accusing each other, leaving voters in utter confusion. It looks that, the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD), has ignored to follow its
    Mission Statement, which does not allow personal allegation in the presidential debates.

    Now, this re-opening of the email case by FBI, shall create more confusion as its result shall not come out before election. How can the voters judge the merits of the presidential candidates when they go to vote on 8th Nov 2016? Its strange and shocking that, no one is talking to postpone the election till the result of the probe by FBI in email case is declared.

    Why the election be held under such a big confusion ? Why can’ t the needful amendment in the constitution /relevant laws / rules of USA be made, calling an emergency meeting to postpone this election? Its the greatest challenge for USA, but urgent need of the time.

    If postponing the election is not done, will it not amount to misleading the voters, and also, will it not amount to cheating with the voters?

    The pre-polling /earlier polling done so far, has lost its meaning under the current situation, as FBI probe is going on.

    The voters have no choice but to vote against their wishes and wisdom. is it OK?

    Hope, USA shall come out boldly to guide voters, and shall conduct confusion free election.

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