Church Fights School Board In Battle Of Los Angeles

Even the most religious progressives among us recognize the importance of the separation between Church and State. Keeping religion out of politics is integral to the development of an objective, science-driven society that doesn’t discriminate against any one group.

In Los Angeles, a big fight is building up between a large church called the Cavalry Chapel Chino Hills and the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education. As it turns out, three out of the five board members are practicing churchgoers at the Chino Hills Church and, as such, have instituted a mandatory prayer in their district.

This, of course, attracted scrutiny from secular parents, who joined up with a non-profit atheist group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation to combat this clear violation of the Supreme Court case Engel v. Vitale, which ruled that school led prayers are not constitutional. In November of last year, FRF sued the Chino Valley school board for its perceived conversion of the school populace towards Christianity. Chino Valley and the Cavalry Chapel, in turn, aligned with the hate group and legal institution Pacific Justice Institute to tackle this case. From there, the fight has officially taken off.

What these churches fail to understand is that it’s bigotry to impose your own views upon others, especially in an educational environment like a school where kids need to learn via objective facts. Religious doctrines have their place in churches, not schools.

You can see just how ridiculous these board members are here:

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