Bernie Sanders Just Raised $15 Million From 400,000 Donations

The Bernie Sanders campaign announced on Thursday that it had raised a surprising $15 million since his campaign began in late April. As the FEC’s 1st quarter fundraising deadline had approached in recent days, a fundraising report by Democratic online fundraising website ActBlue indicated that the Senator was on track to raise $10 million from donors, an already surprising amount to political watchers.

Compounding Bernie’s impressive 1st quarter haul was the revelation that the $15 million was raised through 400,000 donations of nearly 250,000 different people. The vast majority of these donations came in small increments, with an average donation of just $33,51. Additionally, nearly 99% of the 400,000 donations were of $250 or less. These figures stand as a testament to Bernie’s meteoric, grassroots rise in hot pursuit of Hillary Clinton.

In comparison, the established Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton managed to raise a record breaking $45 million to her campaign and another $25 million through a trio of Super PACs. Bernie Sanders has notably refused to condone or fundraise any Super PAC money.

Bernie’s fundraising announcement comes just a day after he held a record setting rally in the progressive bastion of Madison, Wisconsin. Speaking before an estimated 10-13,000 people, Bernie Sanders said, “At the end of the day, they may have the money, but we have the people.” He went on to say “And when the people stand together, we can do anything.”

Bernie faces an uphill battle to win the Democratic nomination, however poll after poll shows him to be gaining fast on what was considered an unbeatable Hillary Clinton.

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